Q. What is FTE Quotation L/T?

A. FTE conventional product’s quotation L/T is 1 working day while customized product’s quotation L/T is 2 to 3 working days.

Q. What design conditions need to be offered to customize the high frequency transformer?

A. The range of input voltage, switching frequency, output voltage / current, auxiliary voltage / current, switching mode power supply topology, chip material, circuit diagram, safety requirement, maximum dimension (L×W×H), application.

Q. Is there an insulation system in FTE?

A. Yes, FTE has UL OBJY2 insulation system.

Q. What certifications has FTE acquired?

A. FTE has acquired ISO9001:2008、ISO14001:2004、ISO/TS16949:2009、SONY GP.

Q. What is the level of FTE product quality?

A. FTE quality standard is zero NG Product, zero customer complaint.