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Training and Development

We offer promotion opportunity and build a perfect training system to ensure that each employee in FTE feel motivated and valued and remain competitive in the electronic line.

Routine training

  • Company policy and system
  • Corporate culture
  • Post skills
  • Team work

New employee training

To assist employees to understand the company’s overview, culture, milestone, rules and regulations, daily norms, etc. So that employees can adapt to the working environment quickly.

Vocational training

Survey and report on the job satisfaction are carried out yearly to develop personalized training programs.The training involves post skills, professional skills and interpersonal skills which helps our employees further plan their careers.

Business exchange

Many elites and specialists from various lines are invited to share and exchange experience and ideas each year, so that our employees can fully be aware of the industry trends.

External training

The aim of external training is to encourage our employees to go out training, broaden their horizon and get more opportunities to cooperate with other business partners.

Development training

A collective development training is held at least once a year to help employees develop their potential, enhance self-confidence and team spirit.

Management training

Management training includes three levels. Namely, preliminary management training, inter- mediate management training and senior management training. These are linked with the different levels of the management models of the quality requirements, their own management training needs and external environment. Further customized curriculum development will be made for different levels of management training to ensure the management practicability and efficiency.